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Waterex has been supplying products to the mining and related industries since the early 70’s. We have a substantial track record for delivering equipment, plants and turn-key packages. During our 25 years of operation in Australia, Waterex has supplied equipment from potable water plants to PLS circuit clarifiers to both our local and global clients.

Solids Separation & Recovery

Waterex has designed and manufactured solid-liquid separation equipment for a range of applications. Clarifiers and thickeners have been supplied; to thicken waste streams prior to tailings dams, for CCD circuits, as part of precipitate recovery and paste production plants. With a proven history in solid-liquid separation, Waterex has supplied units up to 35m in diameter to meet stringent and varied overflow clarity and underflow density requirements.

Process Water Treatment

Mindful of the limited water supply at many sites, Waterex is experienced in optimising the use of feed water stocks, water reuse and recycling. Waterex has a full spectrum of technologies to meet any feed and product water quality requirements. Using media filters, barrier technology and a variety of other equipment, Waterex has supplied systems to reduce suspended solids, dissolved solids and other contaminates. These contaminates such as heavy metals, gypsum, cyanide, arsenic and various biological hazards have all been removed in the past using our broad suite of products.     

Dosing Systems

Meeting process and environmental requirements, Waterex has supplied dosing systems for a multitude of applications. Waterex has delivered flocculant and coagulant make-up and dosing plants. Waterex has supplied pH correction dosing plants with alkali and acid feedstocks, chemical oxidisation, antiscalants, biocides, precipitation reagents. Packages are available to make-up from powdered feedstock, dilute to appropriate concentration or direct dosing from a liquid supply. These packages are key for applications such as acid mine drainage (AMD), arsenic removal and water remediation.

Organic Recovery & Removal

With our experience handling organic products, Waterex has supplied separation equipment such as solvent extraction filters (SX filters) and media filters for the recovery of material such as kerosene and diesel. For the removal of organic material, Waterex has provided carbon filters which adsorb the organic portion of the stream which can then be sent to destruction. The separation equipment can include lamella plates, specialised media, hot wash or steam cleaning as required.

Potable & High Quality Water Treatment

Waterex has designed and supplied water treatment packages to deliver clients with a high quality product stream. Offering potable water treatment plants to meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG), Waterex has supplied units to meet varied flow capacities and feed water qualities. To meet high water quality requirements, Waterex has supplied membrane technology such as ultrafiltration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis (RO), filtration equipment and sterilisation technology such as UV, chlorination, ozone and hydrogen peroxide dosing. To further reduce dissolved ion salts after RO, Waterex offers electro deionisation (EDI) technology which is a compact solution without hazardous chemicals down to less than 9ppb.

Dry Products

To meet product or waste dry solids requirements, Waterex offers a range of filter presses and vacuum filters. These units are able to accept a wide spectrum of feed solids concentration.

Research & Development

Waterex has a record of developing technology to suit our client's requirements. With the development of our lamella baffle technology, Waterex became a market leader in solid-liquid separation equipment. This technology was followed by our Hi-Shear and floating media technologies which combined to allow Waterex to be one of the first to develop Pin Bed Clarifiers. Waterex continues to innovate in the mining industry, supplying items such as; small footprint clarifiers, high recovery SX filters, high solids media filters, cooling towers for high gypsum environments and many others.

Servicing & Spares

Waterex has the team to meet the servicing and spares requirements. Through site visits, Waterex can complete, assist and train personnel with equipment servicing, maintenance and upgrades. Waterex can also provide process optimisation and review services to maximise the performance of equipment supplied by Waterex and others. In addition, Waterex through its partnership with DBS Manufacturing can provide equipment upgrades and replacement parts for competitor's clarifier and thickener drive units. Through the partnership with our filter press supplier, Waterex can supply filter clothes for units supplied by Waterex and others.

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