Vision and Culture

Looking forward confident in who we are


To be the premier global solution provider in process separation.
We pledge that all stakeholders will receive exceptional value through the commitment and pride of our team in delivering quality equipment, superior technology and unique IP.





Waterex is committed to quality in everything — solutions, products, documentation, systems, process and people. We start with quality and end with quality.


We guarantee the technical capability to meet any operational challenge of our clients. This stems from our belief that there is no “standard problem” hence all our solutions are individually engineered, manufactured and delivered


The considered use of innovation is one of the pillars making Waterex unique. We pride ourselves in our ability to analyse, develop and deliver inventive solutions.


Completion of quality solutions begins with on time delivery of products complying with the agreed specification at the agreed price. When it carries our name it also carries our warranty to deliver the solution required.


Success is only possible through a team that believes in, and enjoys what it does. At Waterex any challenge is the responsibility of the whole team and everyone participates in delivering the solution.


Waterex believes that truth, fairness, honesty, integrity and dependability, are not just words, but part of who we are. We also believe that our success comes ultimately from our undertaking to live these values daily.

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Helena Water