About Waterex

Over 50 Years in the making

Waterex is commited to delivering excellence in solid liquid separation. This excellence comes from our culture where we value quality in everything we do and offer; innovation to our products, technical rigour in providing solutions, prompt delivery and an ethical underpinning that creates and promotes the team that is Waterex.

With our diverse expertise, commitment to quality, innovation and customer service Waterex has earned a reputation of being able to provide solutions in a host of difficult situations where others have failed. Operating in Australia, Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, Waterex is well positioned to provide solutions in challenging environments all over the world.

Waterex has been delivering products to suit our client's needs for over 50 years and has a history of competence and capability that permeates all that we offer.

As a supplier of both design and equipment, Waterex can offer completely engineered solutions in the form of either individual operational units or turnkey packages for applications in many industries including Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Desalination, Pharmaceutical and General Industrial industries.