Waterex was originally established in 1958 as Water, Rail & Power Engineering supplying equipment to the rapidly expanding Zimbabwe infrastructure industries.

Consistent demand and an expanding economy provided steady growth. This encouraged the young company to focus on the water side of the business and resulting decision to get out of rail and power services.

Increasing government instability in the eighties led the company to move head office to Perth, Western Australia and with it a name change to Waterex.

The nineties saw solid growth focused largely in the Australian mining industry. The development of Waterex’s revolutionary pin bed clarifier technology increased Waterex’s recognition.

Entering the new century Waterex started to receive an increasing amount of business from overseas sources. This led to numerous international relationships with clients and suppliers and our first comprehensive licensing agreements for Africa and South America.

Utilising our international relationships and licensing agreements, Waterex sources fabrication and components worldwide, which combined with our patented technologies, gives our clients quality value solutions.